Welcome To Living Victoriously Ministries
Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, and Counselor, Dee Jenkins is the founder of Living Victoriously Ministries, LLC.
Her message include (4) strategic aspects involved in living victoriously. Through the (4) strategic aspects
you can live victoriously. Furthermore, her message is clear in that "God never meant for his people to be
poor, broke and disgusted. Locked in and locked up with problems. That's not the way God want us to live.
"You can pick yourself up and live again."

This website and all of Dee Jenkins’s dreams, goals, and accomplishments are dedicated in the memory of her
Grandmother, Izzetta Graham, who lived to be 100 years old. Ms. Graham was a strong, brave and powerful women of
God. Even doe, she was not able to achieve her goals and dreams, due to uncontrollable situations during her life; she
planet seeds of hope, and encouragement throughout Dee Jenkins’s life and her seed continues to grow. Ms. Graham has
left this world and is now living in another dimension of life with the lord. She will always have a special place in Dee
Jenkins’s heart and will never be forgotten.